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We offer laser and prescription based treatments to help reduce and alleviate active acne. 

Laser for Active Acne


Laser for acne price

Acne is the most common skin disease in patient and this condition afflicts patients of all races and ages. Although it typically is not a health threat, it can lead to significant emotional stress. Peach Medical Group offers laser acne treatments to greatly improve active acne and also improve skin texture. This unique laser technology uses concentrated beams of light to trigger the bodies biochemical response which eventually kills the bacteria inside the pores.

$100 per treatment

Regular price: $200

 Acne treatment with laser
 Acne treatment with laser

What happens during the laser for acne treatment? 

New patients at Peach Medical Group will have a consultation with one of our providers to discuss treatment options and provide more in depth education. If the provider determines you are a good candidate, then the provider will prep you skin for treatment. This involves cleaning the skin and applying a strong topical anesthetic that helps make the laser treatment more comfortable. During the treatment, short pulses of intense light are beamed on the skin. This concentrated light penetrates the layers of the skin which help kill the bacteria causing the acne and inflammation. The laser will also hep reduce excess oil production. Patients are advised to complete a series of 6 treatments in order to obtain optimal results.

What happens after the laser for acne treatment?

After the treatment, patients will experience some redness and a feeling of being sunburned. This feeling will go away within a few hours in most cases. Patients can apply make up immediately afterwards if needed. We advise patients to avoid direct sunlight for a few days following this laser treatment.

What about medication for acne? 

Patients with more severe acne may need more in-depth treatment management and medication in conjunction with their laser treatments. Your healthcare provider will determine if this is a necessary step during the consultation. Medications are not included in the treatment price.