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Peach Medical Groups offer fast and comfortable laser hair removal treatments for the bikini area. 

Bikini Laser Hair Removal


Bikini laser hair removal

Monthly payment plans available.

Patients tired of always having to shave and prep when summer comes now have a solution to permanently reduce unwanted hair in the bikini area. Laser hair removal helps patients  reduce ingrown hairs caused from shaving the sensitive bikini area.  It also helps prevent razor burns and patient are always summer or pool ready after they complete their laser hair removal series of treatment.

$98 for 30 minutes

You can treat 3 areas wtihin 30 minutes

Bikini laser hair removal and treatment process

The treatment process for laser hair removal is comfortable quick and professional.  During your first visit, the laser hair removal technician will explain the process, the laser hair removal system, and take time answer any questions patients may have. This takes approximately 15 - 20 minute but patients can take as long as they need to feel comfortable with laser hair removal process.  After discussing the treatment, patient are giving a robe and/or a wrap. The robe and/or wrap makes it easier to perform laser hair removal in the bikini area.

Although the laser hair removal treatment is comfortable and quick, we understand that patient may be concerned about the pain level. The majority of patient receiving bikini laser hair removal are quotes surprise at how comfortable the laser hair removal treatment process is. The technology for laser hair removal has advanced so much in the recent years that patients can expect a very comfortable treatment.  Peach Medical Group does offer a few more options for those sensitive areas. We offer topical numbing and we also apply ice to the bikini area during the laser hair removal session.

How many session of bikini laser hair removal will I need?

The bikini area has hair that typically is more thick and coarse. This type of hair does take more energy and may take more sessions when compared to other parts of the body. Furthermore, laser hair removal treats hair that is in the anagen phase.  Approximately 10-20% of the bikini hair is in the anagen phase.  Therefore, patients can expect to effectively treat 10-20% of the bikini hair during one visit. This will require the patient to make several laser hair removal appointments to complete their bikini area. We recommend patient to complete a series of 6-8 laser hair removal treatments to get the expected results.

Benefits of Bikini laser hair removal

  • Reduced ingrown hairs
  • Don’t need to shave sensitive areas
  • Prevent razors burn
  • Summer ready year round

What happens after bikini laser hair removal?

After the laser hair removal treatment, the technician will discuss post treatment instructions and will apply moisturizer and/or hydrocoritsone to help with possible irritation.  Our patient coordinators will schedule your next appointment. Patient can expect a follow up call 1-2 days after their bikini laser hair removal treatment to check in and make sure everything is okay. Patient may experience some irritation and a slight sunburn feel immediately after their bikini laser hair removal treatment. This will typically subdue after 24-48 hours.

How much does bikini laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal technology is so quick effective, and advanced now that is allow Peach Medical Group to offer laser hair removal treatment at a low cost. Bikini laser hair removal starts at $62 for new patients and $80 for established patients.  Since optimal laser hair removal results take several sessions, our practice offers packages of 6 to give patient additional savings on laser hair removal treatments.