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Juvederm & Restylane: Under Eye Resources

This page contains additional patient information about under eye treatments using dermafillers like Juvederm and Restylane. 


Do you have a specific question about this treatment? Patients can call us anytime and speak to our patient coordinators and educators about our service. 

Post treatment instructions

  • Patients should avoid pressure to the area treated.
  • Patients are instructed to not massage and to avoid any physical activity for up to 6 hours after treatment.
  • Patients are instructed to scheduled follow ups and touch up are necessary.  

Immediate Complications

  • Pain
  • Erythema
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Asymmetry in the treated areas. 
  • Migraines

Delayed Complications

Orange-brown staining

Treated the under eye area may cause orange brand staining under the eye. Although it is temporary, it may take several months for it to completely disappear. 


Patients with darker skin types may experience bruising which may cause hyperpigmentation. This may last for a very long time. 


The under eye does not need much filler substance, therefore, there is a possibility of over correction. Over correction is characterized by puffiness. 


Infection of the treated are rare but may be a possibility. If infection does occur, the prescribing director will typically treat with antibiotics.

The Tyndall effect

If the filler is not injected deep enough, there may be a bluish tint to the skin. This is dues to the blue light spectrum that is being scattered.


The skin around the eye is typically thin and nodules may occur. Massage may be done carefully, however, a substance to blend the filler may be used to reduce the appearance and filling of nodules. 


Blindness is an extremely rare complication, however, patients should be aware regardless of how rare. This happens due to the filler migrating into a local artery.