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Brazilian laser hair removal is an option to remove hair and be bathing suit ready year round. 

Laser Hair Removal: Brazilian


Brazilian laser hair removal

Monthly payment plans available.

Ever want to be bathing suit ready year round? Brazilian laser hair removal helps by quickly and effectively targeting the hair at the root.  After completing a series of treatments, you will not have to shave and you can say goodbye to the razors, the irritation, and the worry about having to invest so much time in upkeep. Peach Medical Group uses the latest in hair removal technology to make your Brazilian treatment fast and comfortable.

$98 for 30 minutes

You can treat 3 areas wtihin 30 minutes

Brazilian laser hair removal & treatment process

Before starting the series of hair removal treatment, a consultation must be performed in order to determine if you are a correct candidate. There is no need to worry as the majority of patients can be treated with our laser hair removal systems. Your health provider will discuss treatment length, expected results, and will also talk more about topical anesthetic. Topical anesthetic is an option that our practice offer to make the treatment more comfortable. The Brazilian area is typically more sensitive, therefore, many patients appreciate the option.

Your last hair removal technician will instruct to you to change into a robe and/or a wrap. This makes accessing the area much easier.  Your provider will start off by using the Desire High Speed handpiece. This is a vacuum assisted hair removal technology that is able to treat a 12mm x 12mm area at one time.  After treating what we can with the High Speed handpiece, the provider will use a smaller hand piece that is able to treat smaller area.  The entire laser hair removal appointment takes about 20 minute from start to finish.

What does the Brazilian laser hair removal consist of?

Treating the Brazilian area typically consist of treating the entire front area of the private area of the patient. However, at Peach Medical Group, we include the whole front and back of the pelvic.

What is included in Brazilian laser hair removal for women?

Our providers can treat the following during your hair removal session: labia, thigh folds, anus, area between the buttocks.

What is included in Brazilian laser hair removal for men?

Our providers can treat the following during your hair removal session: pelvic area, around the scrotum, the scrotum, thigh folds, anus, labia, thigh folds, anus, area between the buttocks, area between the buttocks.

What to expect after Brazilian laser hair removal?

The area in the Brazilian is more sensitive than normal, therefore, it is important for patient to apply moisturizer or a calming cream like hydrocortisone to assist in the first 24-48 hours.  Your health provider at Peach will apply hydrocortisone. We also have several moisturizer options for patient to purchase in-store.  We will also advise you to refrain from exercising immediately afterwards and to avoid sunbathing.

How many sessions of Brazilian laser hair removal will I need?

You will notice that your hair is thinner and less dense after 3-4 sessions. To get optimal results, we recommend to complete a series of 8 treatments every 4-5 weeks to get close to 90% hair reduction.

How much does Brazilian laser hair removal cost?

Our practice offers singles sessions and packages sessions. One single session of brazilian laser hair removal is $80. We also offer a package of 6 session for $196 for new patients. We invite you to take advantage of our free consultations and our free test spots.