Cosmetic laser training in Tucson & Yuma
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Cosmetic Laser Certification

Certification Programs for working professionals

Cosmetic Laser Training & Certification Costs


Ideal for: RNs, NPs, MDs. 


Payment plans available. Health professionals includes RN, NP, MD, and PA. 

Non-health professionals

Ideal for: Estheticians, Massage Therapist, Cosmetologists, more.


Payment plans available. Non-health professionals include estheticians, massage therapist, and cosmetologist. 


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Two part laser certification program

All clinical procedures to be performed will be in accordance with the ARRA under approved medical direction. This program’s content is consistent with Peach facility policy and procedure and applicable federal and state law. The training program addresses hazards associated with cosmetic lasers. 

Part 1: Didactic

The first part of the certification process consists of a 40 hour didactic training course followed by an exam. The literature, power points, quizzes are online based and the final exam is available upon the completion of the online quizzes. The exam will be in a preparatory style for students pursuing the certification for Hair Removal and Other Cosmetic Laser. Students will receive a provisional certificate verifying successful completion of the didactic training.

Part 2: Observation & Hands-On

After the completion of the didactic and final examination, students will have the opportunity to observe live treatments.  Students will exposed to cosmetic laser treatments in a true clinical setting.