Cosmetic Laser Training & Certification

On-site training is held at our facilities in Arizona. Our aesthetic nurse practitioners have designed the hands-on course to maximize exposure and hands-on time with actual patients. With competitive workshop prices, hands on training with real patients, you’ll receive a robust and challenging training experience for laser services. Supporting the medical aesthetics community at large, our Peach network of physicians, nurses and technicians love what they do and enjoy perfecting their craft with our ongoing training. 

 IPL hands-on training

How much does it cost?

  • Didactic Training for RNs, NPs, PAs
  • Price - $1000
  • Observations and Hands-On for RNs, NPs, PAs
  • Price: $500

Payment Plans Available

Peach Medical Group offers students several payment plan options. For additional information, please contact us. 

2 Part laser certification program for health professionals

All clinical procedures to be performed will be in accordance with the ARRA under approved medical direction. This program’s content is consistent with Peach facility policy and procedure and applicable federal and state law. The training program addresses hazards associated with cosmetic lasers. 

Part 1: Didactic

The first part of the certification process consists of a 40 hour didactic training course followed by an exam. The literature, power points, quizzes are online based and the final exam is available upon the completion of the online quizzes. The exam will be in a preparatory style for students pursuing the certification for Hair Removal and Other Cosmetic Laser. Students will receive a provisional certificate verifying successful completion of the didactic training.

Students will review the following topics: 

  • Skin anatomy
  • Hair anatomy
  • Laser physics
  • Laser safety
  • Laser equipment
  • Final examination

Part 2: Observation & Hands-On

After the completion of the didactic and final examination, students will have the opportunity to observe live treatments.  Students will exposed to cosmetic laser treatments in a true clinical setting. The following outlines the treatments that will be observed and worked on. 

  • Lasers and modalities
  • Laser hair reduction
  • Photofacial including skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, facial erythema, and acne reduction. 
  • Vascular reduction including spider vein reduction and telangiectasias
  • Pigment reduction including lentigo reduction, ephelis reduction, acquired adult hemangiomas. 

Didactic Training

Day 1:

  • Didactic lecture - This day includes a lecture on skin anatomy, hair anatomy, quiz. 
  • Laser physics, laser safety, quiz -This day includes a lecture on laser physics, laser safety, an a quiz. 
  • Didactic Exam - This day includes a lecture on laser equipment and a final examination.

Day 2:

  • Observation & Hands-On:  Supervised training on laser hair removal, photofacial, vascular reduction, and pigment reduction. 

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When are classes held? Didactic courses are held every Monday at our Tucson facility. Observation and hands-on training is held Tuesday through Saturday. 

Is it a class setting? No. Each course is a one-on-one course. This means that you, the student, will be taught directly from our supervising laser technicians and medical directors. 

Is training schedule flexible? Yes. Most of our students are working professionals and require flexibility in their training scheduled. Therefore, students and our trainers can mold a training schedule that revolves around your work schedule. 

Do I have to pay before I start? You do not have to pay the entire amount before you start. The requirement deposit to start is $500.