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Peach offers laser hair removal services for men. Laser hair removal is a long term solution for unwanted hair. 

Laser hair removal for men


Men's laser hair removal

Monthly payment plans available.

Men who are tired of shaving every other day can turn to a more convenient and long term solution to their hair growth. After a few short appointments, men can reduce their hair growth about 80-90%. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair at the root and zapping it away. Whether its the face, back, or the Brazilian, our DUET and DESIRE laser hair removal systems will deliver a quick, comfortable, and effective treatment.

$98 for 30 minutes

You can treat 3 areas wtihin 30 minutes

 Laser hair removal for men's neck

Laser hair removal for men’s back

Having hair on the back can be annoying. Especially if you are constantly shaving or waxing. Shaving the area will more than likely take up a lot of razors and you may have to get the assistance of a second party to reach those hard areas.  Waxing does result in a smooth back but it typically is short lived and can be painful because waxing can greatly irritate the skin. These are the reasons why the back is one of the most popular areas that men treat with laser hair removal and one of the fastest also. 

Men’s laser hair removal for bikini or Brazilian

Our laser hair removal professionals offer men’s laser hair removal on the bikini or brazilian area. The process is very simple and straight forward. The bikini area includes everything that is outlined if you were to put on a bikini.  Laser hair removal on the brazilian includes treating the base of the penis, around the scrotum, around the anus, and in between the buttocks.

Men’s laser hair removal for face

Although not as popular as the back and Brazilian, men also choose to receive laser hair removal on their face. Many men request to get laser hair removal in a specific shape to assist in shaping the beard during shaving.  Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction, therefore, we highly advise men to be 100% sure that they want the shape before receiving laser hair removal on the face.

How much does men’s laser hair removal cost?

Men will typically require a few extra sessions of laser hair removal to get good results. Since men have the testosterone hormone, it makes the hair more thick, coarse, and dense.  When you compare common hair removal methods with laser hair removal on a costs basis, then laser hair removal typically will come out on top. Our 30 minute session option, which is $120, can treat 3 different areas in one laser hair removal appointment.