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Leg laser hair removal is a great way to reduce unwanted hair and have silky smooth legs year round. 

Laser Hair Removal: Legs


Leg laser hair removal

Monthly payment plans available.

Peach Medical Group offers low cost solutions to remove unwanted hair in the upper leg and the lower leg. Laser hair removal is perfect for patients who are looking to save money and maintain silky smooth legs year round. Laser hair removal on the legs works by targeting the hair follicle at the root and preventing it from growing back. After only a few short sessions of laser hair removal, patients can notice less hair on their legs.  Peach Medical Group invites patients to take advantage of our free test spots and free laser hair removal consultations.

$98 for 30 minutes

You can treat 3 areas wtihin 30 minutes

Leg Laser Hair Removal & Treatment Process

Every leg laser hair removal appointment at Peach starts by going through a new patient consultation. The consultation is about 20 minutes and gives the opportunity to the patient to ask questions related to leg laser hair removal. The laser hair removal technician will take a look at the patients legs and give an estimate of how many laser hair removal sessions they will need to see optimal results. The technicians and/or health provider will review the history and determine if they are a candidate for laser hair removal.  Patients can decide immediately after the consultation if they want to get treated that day. We make sure to reserve enough time to allow for laser hair removal treatment on the same day of the consultation.

Before starting the leg laser hair removal session, the provider will offer a robe and or wrap that makes it easy to access the leg. Patients can also come prepared by shaving and by wearing shorts. If patients are worried about the pain level, they can rest assure that we will offer topical anesthetic and/or ice which helps increase comfort during the laser hair removal treatment. The health professional will start by using the high speed vacuum assisted laser hair removal system. This allows your technician to quickly treat the large areas. Patients will feel heat and a snap which indicates that the laser is targeting the hairs. The second part of the laser hair removal treatment involves gliding a small piece along the legs and along the shins. If patients are treating lower legs, then we offer laser hair removal on the toes as a complimentary area.

Benefits of leg laser hair removal?

  • Reduce the prevalence of ingrown hairs
  • Reduce amount of shaving
  • Save money on razors and shaving creams
  • Be pool and bathing suit ready year round

How many sessions of leg laser hair removal will I need?

Like many other areas, patients will need a series of about 8-10 sessions of leg laser hair removal to see optimal results. Although most patients will see noticeable results after laser hair removal treatment 3 or 4, patients are highly recommended to finish an entire series.  Laser hair removal systems can only effectively reduce hair that is the anagen phase.  During a leg laser hair removal treatment, only 10% of hair is in the anagen phase. Therefore, our goal with leg laser hair removal is to get as close to 100% as possible. Patients with really thick and coarse hair will likely require more sessions of leg laser hair removal.

What happens after leg laser hair removal?

Immediately after a leg laser hair removal session, the health professional will apply moisturizer and sunscreen. This helps prevent dryness and irritation. Irritation after leg laser hair removal is common. Patients may also feel as if they had a sunburn. There is also a possibility of your hair follicle creating some scabbing, but this is normal as the laser hair removal system target the hair inside the follicle. We recommend patients to purchase hydrocortisone or a soothing moisturizer like the Stone Crop lotion to help with the irritation and burning sensation. These effects only last about 24-48 hours after leg laser hair removal.  

How much does leg laser hair removal cost?

Peach Medical Group considers the legs two different areas. The upper leg and the lower legs. When treating the upper leg with laser hair removal, we treat starting from the knee all the way to the fold of the leg including the thigh. When we treat the lower leg with laser hair removal, we treat starting from the knee all the way down to the toes. Each area of laser hair removal costs $62 for new patients and $80 for established patients. We also have a 30 minute laser hair removal session option. This option gives patients 30 minutes of laser hair removal. Anything that can be done within 30 minute counts toward your laser hair removal session. Most technicians are able to effectively treat 3 areas with the 30 minute laser hair removal session.