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Part 5 - Juvederm, Restylane, and Dermafiller Education

This page is the fifth part in the series of dermafiller education. 


Part 5 - Dermafiller Patient Resources

This page contains educational resources specific to the fillers and their uses. This page is not meant to diagnose or recommend. If you have any questions, please contact us at one our facilities. 

Marionette Lines Technique

The treatment of the marionette lines and typically cannot be treated just on their own. Many health professional will recommend patients that marionette line will need to be treated in conjunction with nasolabial folds. The most common approach to treat the marionette lines is to isolate a triangle mapping using the lower lip line and focusing in the corner of the triangle toward the jaw line. Once the health professional identifies the triangle the filler may be injected into the area to provide lift and make the lines less prominent. 

Treatment tips for health professionals

  • Health professionals should communicate to patients that this area has a tendency to produce lumps. This is quite challenging to avoid. 
  • This area requires heavy massage of the filler gel which will cause more bruising. 
  • Patients should be advised that they will feel lumps. Although they feel the lumps, the lumps will commonly not be visible.