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Part 6 - Botox and Dysport Education

This page is the sixth part in the series of neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport and juvederm.


Part 6 - Neuromodulator Education

This page contains educational resources specific to the neuromodulators and fillers available at Peach Skin Clinic. This page is not meant to diagnose or recommend. If you have any questions, please contact us at one our facilities. 

Botox & Dysport treatment techniques

The following guideline for the typically techniques that are used to in Botox and Dysport treatments.

Perioral Lines

Perioral lines refers to lines and wrinkles around the mouth area. They are most commonly seen in the upper lips. Many patients know these lines as smoker lines. Botox Cosmetic is a welcome and fast solution to these smoker lines. Smoker lines that are dynamic will have good results with Botox. Smoker lines that are static will not see good result with Botox Cosmetic.  If patients are looking to remove the static lines, then most health professionals will recommend a filler. 

In this specialized area, the Botox concentration should high and the volume should be low. Patients must be aware that treatment in this area may cause flaccidly, which may cause challenges in their daily activities. If too much muscle flaccidly occurs patient will not be able to purse their lips. 

Platysmal Bands

This area of the human anatomy and the treatment of it with Botox is typically reserved for specialized health professionals with several years under their belt injecting. Treating platysmal bands can be challenging and must be taken in stages. As a patient ages, the neck can also show signs of the aging. Some of these may include excess skin and fat. 

In order to locate the platysmal bands, the patient will be asked to grind down on their teeth and at the same time project their jaw forward. The position will expose the bands clearly which will be the central and lateral bands. In order for this specific treatment to be effective, the bands my be tight and the clinician must be able to hold the bands between the clinician's thumb and forefinger. 

Once the band is between the index finger and the thumb, the needle will actually be placed horizontally above the finger and the thumb. The muscle should not be penetrated completely. Each area of the platysmal band will receive 5 - 8 units. The total number of units of Botox will be 30 - 50 units. This area can also cause some challenges to the patient's daily activities. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to treat the platysmal bands in stages. 

Neck Rings and the Decollete

The decollete area refers to the chest and the lines in the area that can appear due to aging. The lines can only be treated if they are superficial. Lines that are visible due to excessive skin will be see results with Botox Cosmetic or Dysport. 

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