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Part 7 - Juvederm, Restylane, and Dermafiller Education

This page is the seventh part in the series of dermafiller education. 


Part 7 - Dermafiller Patient Resources

This page contains educational resources specific to the fillers and their uses. This page is not meant to diagnose or recommend. If you have any questions, please contact us at one our facilities. 

Vertical Lip Line (Smoker's Line) Technique

Vertical lip lines, also known as smoker lines, and they make a patient's mouth appear old and drawn. The skin around this area is thin and tend to show signs of aging more quickly. This specific treatment can be painful. The recommendation is to apply a topical anesthetic versus an injected anesthetic. Injecting an anesthetic prior to the treatment may cause premature inflammation and make a true correction more challenging. 

Health professionals are recommended to bend the needle approximately 45 degrees so it will lay on the area and slide into the line. It is important to make that the needle is new. For example, if the health professional is treating the cheeks and then moves to the vertical lines using the same filler, then the needle might be blunt and may be more painful. The technique that is recommended for vertical lines is a threading technique. Furthermore, the filler is typically required to be layered. 

Tips for health professionals

  • If the vertical lip line does not fill, then the product should be layered. 
  • If lumps are present, the smaller amounts of gel droplet should be used
  • If the line intersecting the lip does not fill, then injection the vermillion border is recommended.