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Signs, symptoms, and causes of rosacea

The cause of rosacea is unknown and the majority of patients who have this condition are not aware they have rosacea. Rosacea typically starts off with skin flushing and redness that last a day or two and symptoms worses and the condition progresses. 


Signs and symptoms of rosacea

  • Redness on the face. Rosacea will cause patients to have redness around the nose and cheeks.  The persistent redness will eventually progress and small blood vessel will turn red and visible.
  • Red bumps. Patients with rosacea will notice that they will develop red bumps on the nose. These bumps will sometimes have pus and may be mistaken for acne. Furthermore, patients will notice the skin on the nose and cheek be tender and feel warm.
  • Patients with rosacea will also notice eye dryness, red eyelids, and also irritation in the eye area.
  • Severe cases of rosacea will cause the nose to become large. This is actually the skin becoming more thick.

When to see a healthcare provider

Patients are recommended to visit your health care providers for a diagnosis and also for treatment. Mild symptoms are typically much easier to treat .

Causes of rosacea

Although the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, many researchers hypothesis that it is hereditary and environmental. It is important to remember that rosacea is not due to hygiene issues. The following are a few factors that are known to make rosacea worsen or flare up.

  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Spicy or hot foods
  • Emotional stress
  • Physical activity
  • Cosmetics products
  • Certain drugs

What are rosacea risk factors?

  • Women have more prevalence in suffering from rosacea.
  • Patients with fair skin.
  • Over the age of 30
  • Habitual smoking
  • Family history with rosacea

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