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Maria Bueno, NP CMO

Maria Bueno, NP is Chief Medical Officer of Peach Medical Group. She brings over 30 years of aesthetic medicine experience and an individualized approach to her patients. Maria Bueno, NP has achieved her expertise through extensive training from Worldlink Medical, the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association, and the American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals. She founded Peach Medical Group with a vision of providing a wide range of medical services that empower patients through a culturally sensitive approach to medicine.

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Lisa Little, RN

Lisa is a Registered Nurse (RN) at Peach Medical Group. Lisa comes to Peach with over 10 years of nursing experience as a RN beginning within the hospital as Medical Social Worker and presently concurrently works as a Labor & Delivery RN. With her background in Public Health, Lisa uses her skills to effectively assess and listen to patient’s concerns to treat not only aesthetic appeal, but wholistic well-being. Her interest in Aesthetic medicine lies in her strong desire to help her patients confidently conquer each day with inner beauty by maintaining their desired youthfulness. Lisa began her Aesthetic career at Peach and received most of her training and certifications at Peach. One of her commitments in Aesthetic medicine is staying educated and well informed with latest treatment modalities available in the field. Lisa is very personable and knowledgeable in treatments offered at Peach as well as skin products. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science (BSN) in Nursing as well as a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Science with a focus on Health Education, both from The University of Arizona. Lisa enjoys spending time with her daughter, painting, enjoying the Tucson music scene and Bikram Yoga.

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Elizabeth Toscano, MA

Elizabeth is a Member Coordinator at Peach Medical Group who works with patients to bring them closer to their aesthetic goals and coordinates the educational programs and training for licensing laser technicians. Elizabeth believes that protocol and process renders measurable outcomes and that intention is paramount to a good customer experience. She enjoys empowering patients to select and control their health care choices. Elizabeth trusts that transforming our inner beauty to reflect in our health makes us feel whole and confident in how we connect and interface with the world around us. Elizabeth has worked in higher education for almost 15 years and most recently at a holistic health college, enlightening her to the power of healing and wellness for mind, body and spirit. Elizabeth is also a medical assistant and had previously trained as an EMT and first responder. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and pursuing her creative works in music, dance and writing. Elizabeth majored in Women’s Studies and minored in Chicano/a Studies at San Diego State University.