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Treatments for rosacea

Treatment for rosacea can include prescription medications, laser therapies, and other combination therapies. Rosacea treatments will require patient to undergo repeated treatment in order to relieve symptoms


Treatments for Rosacea?

The goal of most rosacea treatment is to control the symptoms which requires combination therapies. The type and combination will depend on the severity of the rosacea.


  • Your healthcare provider may prescribe medication that reduce redness. One common medication is brimonidine, which is applied topically to the skin. It works by constricting blood vessels and it is not a long term or permanent solution.
  • Medication that treat acne may also work. Some of these include azelaic acid and metronidazole.
  • Patients may also take oral antibiotics. These medication typically fight off bacteria which can help with inflammation. Their effectiveness is not well documented.

Laser Therapies

Laser treatment help reduce redness and enlarged blood vessels but using high energy light beams to collapse the blood capillaries.  Cosmetic laser therapies help patients with early stages of rosacea. Lasers can work really well with tiny and visible blood vessels on the nose and cheeks. Cosmetic laser therapies involve repeat treatments in order to keep the symptoms at bay.  Unfortunately, laser therapies are not a permanent solution for rosacea symptoms.


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