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Peach Medical Group offers quick, comfortable, and effective laser hair removal solutions for the underarm area. 

Underarm Laser Hair Removal


Underarm laser hair removal

Monthly payment plans available.

Underarm laser hair removal is among the most popular areas requested to treat at Peach Medical Group. It is also the easiest and gets the best results.  After a few short sessions of laser hair removal, most patients will start seeing and experiencing the benefits of treating the underarm.  Patients will find that they do not have to shave, wax, or tweeze as often after starting laser hair removal treatments. Underarm laser hair removal package available for new patients. 

$98 for 30 minutes

You can treat 3 areas wtihin 30 minutes

Laser hair removal for underarms & treatment process

The treatment process for laser hair removal on the underarms is really simple and straightforward.  During the initial appointment, the laser hair removal technician or provider will determine if you are a candidate for the treatment. This includes checking medical history and any recent history of sun burns, sun tanning, or photosensitive medication. If the patient is a candidate for laser hair removal, then the technician will prepare the underarm area. This involves wiping away any deodorant residue and shaving the area if needed. At Peach Medical Group, we highly recommend that patients come pre-shaved to their laser hair removal appointment.  After shaving the area, the technician will determine which settings are ideal for the patient and their laser hair removal treatment.  During the laser hair removal treatment, the technician will glide and also set a large hand-piece on your underarm area. Patients will feel heat and a slight snap which is the light beam being concentrated to the area. This process typically takes about 3 minutes on each underarm. Patients can expect a short treatment time for laser hair removal on the underarms.

What happens after underarm laser hair removal

Immediately after the laser hair removal session, the technician will apply sunscreen and/or hydro cortisone. This will help prevent irritation and help moisturize the area after the laser hair removal procedure. Patients can also purchase additional anti-inflammatory creams and other products at check out if they do have these products at home.  

How much does underarm laser hair removal cost

At Peach Medical Group, we try our best to offer treatments at a low cost and at a pay as you go process. Each session of underarm laser hair removal costs $62 (this includes both underarms).  Patients can also purchase laser hair removal treatments in a package which gives patients additional savings.