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What is sun damage?

Dark, age, and liver spots are caused by excessive sun exposure and age. 


What is sun damage?

When your skin is exposed to trauma, including excessive sun exposure, it reacts by producing more melanin to protect itself.  Melanin is what gives color to the skin.  Unfortunately, this melanin production does not happen evenly and sun damage typically results in dark patches on the face and body. In addition to uneven pigmentation, the sun can cause stretching of the blood vessels which will create a reddish appearance to the skin This also qualifies as sun damage.

Types of sun damage

Damage to darker skin. Although patients with darker skin have more melanin to protect the skin, they are still susceptible to brown pigmentation. Patients with darker skin types will have their sun damage darker and can be more challenging to treat.

Wrinkles. Sun damage not only causes uneven pigmentation but it also speed up the process of breaking down collagen.  this will cause the skin to exhibit more aging signs like laxity and wrinkles. 

Solar lentigines. These are small brown spots that can vary in size and will appear on the most exposed areas. Many patients refer to these as age spots. It is important to consider that young people can experience this as well if they practice sun tanning frequently.  

Labial lentigo. These are small brown spots that can appear on the lip. 

Solar elastosis. Ultraviolet radiation speeds up the breakdown of collagen and elastin which gives the skin's youthful appearance.  It is very common to see the effects of solar elastosis in people that practice excessive sun tanning. The skin in these populations typically look very leathery. 

Melasma. This is commonly know as a pregnancy mask. Dark patches will be very prominent on the cheeks and forehead.  The cause of melasma is typically a combination of having darker skin, taking hormones therapy, oral contraceptive use, and pregnancy

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